John Willies - Company Values

Over the past 40 years we have installed many freestanding and fitted country kitchens in homes throughout the country.

Photo of interior of John Willies showroom

A small family run business, containing a wealth of expertise and experience, we have always ensured every one of our customer's expectations are met by making sure our kitchens adhere to the following values:

Photo of freestanding unit


Quality you can rely on:

  • Versatility - your needs met by practical designs;
  • Adaptability - modern appliances can be totally hidden;
  • Affordability - you can buy a piece at a time to suit your requirements;
  • Flexibility - your kitchen can be taken with you when moving house;
  • Cost Effectiveness - no expensive design and fitting charges means they are more cost effective than many fitted kitchens;
  • Suitability - John Willies Kitchen Furniture looks at home in both old and new properties
Photo of sink unit


Quality workmanship:

  • Traditional furniture, handmade by craftsmen;
  • Solid wood throughout;
  • All joints are jointed and glued;
  • All drawers are dovetailed - the traditional way!
  • Built to last a lifetime;
  • Work tops: Granite, Beech, Oak, Maple Or Walnut.