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Belfast Sink Base Units – Choosing the Right One!

Our Belfast sink base units are essential for fitted or freestanding kitchens and utility rooms. When choosing the right Belfast sink base unit there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Firstly, whether you’re choosing a fitted or freestanding kitchen sink base, you need to make sure you know what you want your sink base unit to comprise of – it won’t just be a Belfast sink! We offer a range of storage solutions including magic corners and carousels, integrated appliance housings and standard door and drawers. Choosing what you want either side of your Belfast sink base┬áneedn’t be difficult, as we have a range of options you can view on our freestanding sink unit page.


belfast sink base unit


The above freestanding Belfast sink unit has been completed with eight shaped legs and four deep pot drawers to either side. Our sink base units can be made to any bespoke size – we just need your measurements and details of what you’d like in it.


freestanding sink unit


This blue freestanding Belfast sink unit is an example of integrated housing – a dishwasher, refuse and recycling unit and fridge or freezer would fit work perfectly within a unit like this. Just make sure you know what appliances you want to integrate, along with their measurements.