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Butchers Trolleys – Filling a Gap!

Our butchers trolleys are a worthy addition to kitchens of any size or style. Whatever your requirements, we’re convinced that one of our butchers trolleys or butchers blocks will be part of the solution!

If you need additional worktop space, a butchers trolley or butchers block is ideal. If floor space is limited, we have 600mm wide options available. For those with plenty of room, you can also choose one in 900mm or 1200mm wide. The solid beech worktop adorning the top of our butchers trolleys is also a perfect additional surface for the kitchen – you can chop directly onto it with no fuss, and will find it hard wearing and long lasting – far more durable than any of your chopping boards.

If you need additional worktop space but want the flexibility of moving your butchers trolley to where it’s required in the kitchen – whether it’s by the sink so clean vegetables can be transferred straight to it’s worktop, or by the oven so prepared foods can go straight into a pot or pan – our butchers trolleys glide smoothly around your kitchen on castors. You can lock the castors once you’ve got your butchers trolley in place, to keep is safely where you need it. If you need the space but not the manoeuvrability, simply order your butchers block without the wheels and we’ll amend the price accordingly. ┬áMany customers choose the wheels option, as you can lock them and leave the butchers trolley in place if you decide not to move it.

butchers trolley

Butchers Trolley

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