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Colouring Your Country Kitchen

As with all aspects of the home, certain designs are subject to fashion, trends and change. The great thing about a solid wood, fitted or freestanding country kitchen from John Willies is that the style is timeless and enduring!

Vivid colours are certainly making a comeback, and there are numerous ways that this can be applied to your John Willies bespoke country kitchen.

If you are choosing colours for a fitted kitchen, why not choose a pale colour for the wall units and a bolder colour for the kitchen base units? This contrast can make a small kitchen space appear even bigger. It works with freestanding kitchen units too.

country kitchen


Another alternative is to pick one item in your kitchen to be painted in a bold, statement-making colour. A kitchen island unit is perfect for doing this if your kitchen is big, as it draws attention to the centre of the room.

kitchen island unit


Using one or two pieces of contrasting colour can be really eye-catching – this hanging pot rack and kitchen island work together perfectly. The colours would also work if the pot rack was the brighter colour and the kitchen island was the paler colour.

hanging pot rack


You don’t have to use vivid reds to get the effect. Deep blues and greens also create the same stunning effect – why not try a deep paintbox blue for a freestanding sink unit?

freestanding sink unit