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Christmas Opening Times


Our Burley showroom will be closed for Christmas from Wednesday 24th December and re-open on Saturday 27th December between 9am – 5pm.

We will re-open on Saturday 27th December until 31st December from 9am-5pm. Closed Sunday. The showroom will then be closed on Thursday 1st January 2015, before re-opening on Friday 2nd January 2015 from 9am-5pm. We will then resume our usual opening hours for the year – Mondays to Saturdays 9am-5pm and closed Sundays.

The Peacehaven warehouse will be closed from Monday 22nd December until Monday 5th January to resume normal working hours 9am-5pm, Closed Sundays

You can continue to email your enquiries to us at or for free-standing kitchen enquiries direct to throughout this period, and we will do our best to respond to you as soon after our return as possible.

The staff at John Willies Country Kitchens would like to thank all of our 2014 and 2015 customers for their continued business, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Featured Product – Butchers Trolley

butchers trolley

Butchers trolley with slatted shelves

This butchers trolley recently completed for a customer is one of our favourite pieces. Measuring 600mmW x 600mmD x 920mmH, the butchers trolley has been completed with a solid beech worktop – a versatile surface that can be used as a chopping block. Beneath the worktop is a single drawer on soft close runners, that has been finished with an alloy cup handle. A set of castors turn this butchers block into a butchers trolley, and the castors are lockable so the unit can be kept in one place. Painted in Farrow and Ball Skylight on the exteriors, the interiors and the two sets of slatted shelves have been stained and lacquered in Victoria stain.

We love these butchers trolleys because they’re great to customise, suit most kitchen set-ups and decors, and are very functional for both storage and preparing food upon. You can also extend the width to 900mm or 1200mm, depending on the size of the space you’re trying to fill, or switch from having two shelves to having a single door cupboard instead – like the butchers trolley below. Another alternative is to replace the slatted shelves with fruit and vegetable baskets, or additional drawers.

butchers trolley

Butchers Trolley with cupboard

Visit our butchers block page for more examples.

Butchers Trolleys – Filling a Gap!


Our butchers trolleys are a worthy addition to kitchens of any size or style. Whatever your requirements, we’re convinced that one of our butchers trolleys or butchers blocks will be part of the solution!

If you need additional worktop space, a butchers trolley or butchers block is ideal. If floor space is limited, we have 600mm wide options available. For those with plenty of room, you can also choose one in 900mm or 1200mm wide. The solid beech worktop adorning the top of our butchers trolleys is also a perfect additional surface for the kitchen – you can chop directly onto it with no fuss, and will find it hard wearing and long lasting – far more durable than any of your chopping boards.

If you need additional worktop space but want the flexibility of moving your butchers trolley to where it’s required in the kitchen – whether it’s by the sink so clean vegetables can be transferred straight to it’s worktop, or by the oven so prepared foods can go straight into a pot or pan – our butchers trolleys glide smoothly around your kitchen on castors. You can lock the castors once you’ve got your butchers trolley in place, to keep is safely where you need it. If you need the space but not the manoeuvrability, simply order your butchers block without the wheels and we’ll amend the price accordingly.  Many customers choose the wheels option, as you can lock them and leave the butchers trolley in place if you decide not to move it.

butchers trolley

Butchers Trolley

Find out more about our range of butchers trolleys on the website.

Kitchen Base Units and Integrated Housings


Our solid wood kitchen base units are very versatile, functional and beautifully made, so they will fit into most kitchens whether you have a country style kitchen or not. One of the best ways to make full use of these bespoke kitchen cabinets is to incorporate integrated housings, which not only saves space but helps to conceal appliances that might not fit in with the style of the kitchen.

A recycling and refuse unit glides away effortlessly on soft close runners in this kitchen base unit. Who would know that beneath the wonderful, natural stained exterior there would be this handy, concealed housing for your rubbish?

We often get requests for housings of larger appliances, including cookers, fridges, freezers and dishwashers. We can house these not just in kitchen base units, but also within our Belfast sink base units and kitchen island units.

When choosing to integrate an appliance for your kitchen base units, sink units and islands you obviously have to think about the location of the furniture in relation to other units in the kitchen. You don’t want to have too many appliances in one unit, and want to be able to access any of them with ease.

We don’t just integrate appliances in our kitchen base units however – the below unit has three slide out crockery shelves – perfect for storing cups, saucers and plates.

See the full range of kitchen base units.

kitchen base units

Belfast Sink Base Units – Choosing the Right One! Part 2


A Belfast sink is one of the key essentials for all country kitchens, whether you choose fitted or freestanding kitchen furniture. They’re not only durable and hardwearing but are also beautiful and work wonderfully with our solid wood sink base units

When ordering a freestanding Belfast sink base unit it’s important to purchase the sink with the sink base – this is because the sinks are all hand thrown and the units will be built to accommodate one of these sinks. That’s why our sink base units are all costed up with the sink.

If you’d like a Shaw’s sink, you’ll be pleased to know there are a range of sink designs they provide that are all suitable for our sink base units. We love them all because they maintain the depth, function and design that we think works best with our country kitchen designs.

belfast sink base unit


The above picture is one of a Shaw’s double sink. This sink base unit has been completed with a bi-flo chrome tap, which is ideal for using over both sinks. We also offer Shaftesbury taps, where you have a traditional separate hot and cold tap. We can provide either tap with you Belfast sink base unit at an additional price.

You also need to decide whether you prefer a wooden worktop or granite worktop. We don’t offer granite worktops on freestanding kitchen units, however we do offer both on fitted kitchens – you’ll be happy to know the wooden worktops on our Belfast sink base units come complete with sink-side draining grooves.


belfast sink base units

See our kitchen sink base units here.

Belfast Sink Base Units – Choosing the Right One!


Our Belfast sink base units are essential for fitted or freestanding kitchens and utility rooms. When choosing the right Belfast sink base unit there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Firstly, whether you’re choosing a fitted or freestanding kitchen sink base, you need to make sure you know what you want your sink base unit to comprise of – it won’t just be a Belfast sink! We offer a range of storage solutions including magic corners and carousels, integrated appliance housings and standard door and drawers. Choosing what you want either side of your Belfast sink base needn’t be difficult, as we have a range of options you can view on our freestanding sink unit page.


belfast sink base unit


The above freestanding Belfast sink unit has been completed with eight shaped legs and four deep pot drawers to either side. Our sink base units can be made to any bespoke size – we just need your measurements and details of what you’d like in it.


freestanding sink unit


This blue freestanding Belfast sink unit is an example of integrated housing – a dishwasher, refuse and recycling unit and fridge or freezer would fit work perfectly within a unit like this. Just make sure you know what appliances you want to integrate, along with their measurements.


Colouring Your Country Kitchen


As with all aspects of the home, certain designs are subject to fashion, trends and change. The great thing about a solid wood, fitted or freestanding country kitchen from John Willies is that the style is timeless and enduring!

Vivid colours are certainly making a comeback, and there are numerous ways that this can be applied to your John Willies bespoke country kitchen.

If you are choosing colours for a fitted kitchen, why not choose a pale colour for the wall units and a bolder colour for the kitchen base units? This contrast can make a small kitchen space appear even bigger. It works with freestanding kitchen units too.

country kitchen


Another alternative is to pick one item in your kitchen to be painted in a bold, statement-making colour. A kitchen island unit is perfect for doing this if your kitchen is big, as it draws attention to the centre of the room.

kitchen island unit


Using one or two pieces of contrasting colour can be really eye-catching – this hanging pot rack and kitchen island work together perfectly. The colours would also work if the pot rack was the brighter colour and the kitchen island was the paler colour.

hanging pot rack


You don’t have to use vivid reds to get the effect. Deep blues and greens also create the same stunning effect – why not try a deep paintbox blue for a freestanding sink unit?

freestanding sink unit



Kitchen Base Unit Worktops


At John Willies Country Kitchens, we build and finish all orders for fitted and freestanding kitchens to order. This ensures not only that you will receive kitchen units of the highest quality and standard, but it also allows us to design bespoke kitchen furniture for you and your home.

Our kitchen base units make up a core part of any of our fitted or freestanding kitchen designs, with our kitchen islands at the heart of any country kitchen style. That’s why the storage components and choice of worktop are so important – because they tie your entire country kitchen together.

A number of worktops are available for our kitchen base units. One option is to match the base units by choosing a pine worktop. Our pine worktops are the perfect style and colour to compliment painted or stained kitchen base units. Oak worktops can cost more but also have a stunning finish to them.

If you’d prefer a more rustic wooden finish for your kitchen island, opt for one of our reclaimed pine worktops which show plenty of age and natural wear. We don’t provide reclaimed pine worktops to our sink base units however as they’re simply not ideal for being used as wet surfaces.

We also offer a range of high-finish worktops including Walnut – these have a slick finish which is the total opposite of our reclaimed pine worktops.

For help choosing a worktop for your kitchen base units, sink base units or kitchen islands speak to one of the team today.

Picking the Right Larder Unit


Our range of larder units have been designed to fit a range of different storage needs. We understand that kitchen wall cabinets and cupboards don’t offer endless storage space, while our larder units are both functional and look stunning in any home – country kitchen inspired, contemporary or otherwise.

Our standard larder units all come with two spice racks on the internal cupboard doors. Where our larder units have four doors, one set of the doors will hold the spice racks. Where the doors are bi-folding, or you have chosen a pull out larder, there will be no spice racks. The advantage of course is the additional storage for smaller items like spice jars where once a large tupperware box was used!

You can choose to have less or more spice racks depending of course on how many doors and what kind of doors your larder units has. Of course where there are no spice racks, the internal shelves will be bigger on that cupboard. This leads to another handy choice – you can choose between adjustable shelves or fixed shelves in your larder unit, so you can have varying shelf heights to accommodate cereal boxes and bottles.

To house the shelving and spice racks our standard larder units are 550mm deep (overall of cornice) which provides plenty of internal storage. The exception is out pull out larder unit which has an extended depth of 620mm overall, to house the stainless steel shelving mechanism that pulls out with the larder door. This pull our larder is especially useful because the adjoining cupboard is ideal for broom and mop storage.

Pull out larder unit

Pull Out Larder

For more information on the different storage options within our larder units and pull out larders, visit the larder unit page or contact the team today.

Butchers Trolley – Choosing the Perfect Size


We have a number of butchers trolleys available to view in our Burley showroom and our Brighton Warehouse. When choosing the right butchers trolley for your kitchen, the choice between size can make all the difference.

butchers trolley

Butchers trolley

The above butchers trolley is a classic example of our 600mm x 600mm square butchers trolley, complete with two slatted shelves under one drawer. The four castors can be easily locked into place if you wish to keep the unit in one place. The stunning pale blue and silver cup handle on the drawer compliment the compact design and the beech chop block atop the butchers trolley – a hardwearing surface that can be used like a chopping board.

The advantage of having a butchers trolley this size is that it will fit compactly into any suitable space in the kitchen and can be moved where it is required – next to the sink or closer to the Aga for example.

butchers trolleys

Butchers trolleys

The butchers trolley on the left hand side of this photo is an example of a 900mm wide unit – the extra width of this unit allows for longer shelving and a wider drawer with two handles. With this butchers trolley, there is extra storage but the it’s still light enough to manoeuvre around the kitchen.

butchers block

Butchers Block

The above butchers block is 1200mm wide, so have two drawers and longer slatted shelves. There are no castors on this butchers block, taking away the butchers trolley element of the unit. However at this size, and with this much storage and worktop space, this unit would make a perfect island for the kitchen.

Please note all dimensions listed above and on the butchers block page of our website are overall of worktop. Take a look at the other options and relevant pricing available by visiting our butchers trolley page.

Pull Out Larder Units – Storage Makers and Space Savers


Our pull out larder unit is the perfect example of how a larder cupboard can be a storage making, space saving essential for your home!

Pull out larder unit

Pull Out Larder

What makes this pull out larder so different from the other larder cupboards in our range is that it comes complete with a stainless steel shelving that you can pull out from your larder with ease, thanks to the runners the shelving is built onto. This handy shelving glides out easily even when it’s full of jars and tins, and slides back into the larder unit effortlessly also. On the other side of the pull out larder is a tall cupboard which is ideal for storing brooms, mops or ironing boards, should you not want to keep these items on display in the kitchen.

Above the pull out larder shelving are two smaller but useful cupboards – perfect for storing linens or other items you wish to put away out of sight until needed.

Our standard pull out larder design as pictured above has usual dimensions of 1130mmW x 620mmD x 2070mmH. The pull larder therefore is definitely a deeper unit than the other larder cupboards due to the stainless steel mechanism inside. However the height and width are still adjustable should you have other dimensions in mind.

For more information, look at our pull out larder on the larder units page of the website.

Orders Required Before Christmas


Customers wishing to place an order for unfinished or stained and lacquered freestanding units to be completed and delivered before Christmas are still able to. Please call the showroom or warehouse if you are looking to place an order for a single hand painted unit or multiple units to be completed and delivered before Christmas.

If you are flexible about receiving your order after Christmas in the new year of 2014, you may place orders for any number and any finish as usual.


Butchers Trolley and Larder Unit



Larder unit and Butchers Trolley

Larder Unit and Butchers Trolley

For £2,011 you can buy a classic John Willies larder unit and butchers trolley to match.

These two items are some of our most popular not only because they embody a country kitchen style, but because they are also hugely functional. So if you have a freestanding kitchen, or a fitted kitchen that requires some extra storage, these two hand painted freestanding kitchen units will add to your home beautifully.

The above larder unit is an example of our 1200mm wide standard larder unit, complete with two spice racks, three adjustable shelves and four standard drawers. An extra £34 has been added to the usual cost of our 1200mm wide larder unit for the addition of silver handles and drawer cups. For an additional £144 the drawers can be put on soft close runners – an essential if you’re intending to put cutlery or heavy items in the drawers of your larder cupboard.

The butchers trolley also has an additional £6 added to it for the silver cup handle on the drawer. This butchers trolley is a perfect addition to a kitchen and compliments the country kitchen theme perfectly. A hardwearing durable beech worktop surface over a drawer and two slatted shelves make this a very useful surface and storage unit for your kitchen, especially since it’s on wheels.

To find out more about purchasing these items together or individually, get in touch with us today.

Look at our range of freestanding kitchen furniture today.

Freestanding Typical Floor Plan and Costing Part 3


No freestanding country kitchen is complete without a larder cupboard (G) for essential storage. Our larder units are all built by hand with solid wood throughout and in two separate parts, for easy transportation to your home. All of our larder units come complete with two spice racks and three adjustable shelves as standard to the top section, so you can fill the cupboards up with provisions of varying sizes. The base section comes with four drawers as standard – perfect for tea towel, table cloth and cutlery storage however you may prefer to go for a cupboard containing a fixed shelf on the base section instead.

A single wall cupboard (H) and a double wall cupboard (J) can add to a freestanding kitchen in much the same way as a fitted kitchen. Also making good use of the wall space is our pot rack and shelf (I) which is ideal for hanging utensils, pots and pans from.

For the items listed on our Freestanding Typical Floor Plan, at the dimensions specified and with all units unfinished, the total cost is less than £5,000 including VAT – incredible value for money for a space of 12ft x 12ft.

Freestanding Kitchen Typical Floor Plan and Costing, Part 2


A second four square-legged kitchen base unit (D) with reclaimed pine top brings additional worktop and storage space, with a double handed cupboard and two drawers above. Choosing freestanding kitchen cabinets with legs rather than plinths not only looks great, but is easier to clean underneath. It also allows you to stand closer to the worktop surface as there is more space for your feet!

Another key essential for your freestanding kitchen would be the sink base complete with solid oak worktop and a 600mm wide standard Belfast sink (E). There are many great features to these sink units – they look perfect in a country-inspired kitchen and are designed to fit a deep Belfast sink. A recess in the sink-support part of the base unit allows foot space whilst standing at the sink, and drainer grooves in the solid oak worktop ensure water drains properly from the worktop surface. Two single door cupboards and two drawers provide extra storage for cleaning products and chemicals you don’t wish to store in the same unit as your food.

Freestanding kitchens are more suitable to some homes than others. If you ever move house you know you can easily take your freestanding kitchen furniture with you, and because they’re hand built from solid wood you can be assured they will last for many, many years to come with very little maintenance.

View our Typical Floor Plan here.

Freestanding Kitchen Typical Floor Plan and Costing


Our extensive range of freestanding kitchen units are built with solid pine wood throughout, using not MDF, chipboard, plywood or veneers – just solid pine! We can build most units to any size, but which is reassuring when choosing items for your freestanding kitchen.

A good starting point when planning and choosing your own freestanding kitchen furniture is to consider our Freestanding Kitchen Typical Floor Plan. Here, we’ve proposed a range of freestanding kitchen cabinets suitable for a standard 12ft X 12ft kitchen housing a range cooker and tall fridge/freezer.

The first item, a standard butchers block (A) is a useful item for all country-inspired kitchens thanks to it’s solid Beech worktop that is strong and reliable enough to be chopped directly onto. With a set of castors added, you can create a butchers block trolley that you can easily guide around the kitchen to wherever it’s required. Wheel locks ensure your butchers block trolley doesn’t get away from you!

Worktop space is an essential in any country kitchen, as is storage, which is why our legged kitchen base unit complete with reclaimed pine worktop (C) is your next consideration. A reclaimed pine worktop compliments any pine kitchen and is very easy to look after. The storage space can be upgraded for a small cost from just cupboards and drawers to include wine racks, trays and baskets.

Take a look at our Freestanding Kitchen Typical Floor Plan to start planning your kitchen today.

Traditional Dresser and Larder Unit Combinations


For extra storage in the home, our solid pine dressers and larder units make are ideal. Combining solid wood design with traditional country kitchen design, our dressers and larder units are the two pieces from our freestanding kitchen furniture range that can be used located almost anywhere in the home – from the kitchen, to the living room, or in the dining room.

Our traditional dresser designs comprise either an open canopy over a solid pine worktop and cupboards, or cupboards to the top and bottom section of the dresser.

A welsh dresser like the one pictured below, would be paired perfectly with this Victorian larder cupboard. Both are built in Fluted Bead style and finished with a natural wood stain. The open shelving to the welsh dressers top section can store decorative crockery and china, or can even be used for cookery books. Meanwhile the bi-folding cupboards doors on the larder unit have bread slats to the top, and conceal three adjustable shelves that are ideal for storing all those provisions. The deep drawers can hold all manner of table cloths, tea towels and other linen.

freestanding larder unit

Larder Unit

Welsh Dresser
Welsh Dresser


Another perfect pairing comes in the form of these two – a less traditional dresser and larder unit design. Both again are in classic Fluted Bead style and have this time been hand painted in pale Farrow and Ball colours. Despite the more modern finishings, there are some traditional touches – the kitchen dresser has been finished with brass handles and the cupboard doors have been glazed with small square panes of glass. This would provide more concealed storage – much like the pull out larder cupboard that contains a cupboard on one side and a modern pull-out stainless steel shelving mechanism on the other.

larder cupboard

Larder cupboard

traditional dresser
Traditional Dresser


View our full range of traditional dressers and larder units on our freestanding furniture pages.



Hanging Pot Rack Designs


Hanging pot racks are a unique necessity for best of British and country kitchen interiors. Hanging over a central kitchen island, pot racks provide great storage space as well as a decorative focus of the kitchen.

Our hanging pot racks are made with solid pine throughout by hand. The wooden dowel’s provide sturdy hanging bars for pots and pans, but are closely positioned so long items like trays can be stored on the top. There is no set height which a pot rack can be suspended from – as long as you’re not likely to bang your head you can position it as you require!

If you have a high ceiling, you may want to consider having the pot rack hanging at a higher distance,  in which case our hanging pot rack with bottom beading would make a great statement piece. Choose a hand painted finish that contrasts the colours in your kitchen for a bolder statement, or choose a stained finish for a more classical appearance.

A kitchen with a lower ceiling would benefit from our hanging pot rack without bottom beading.

One of the best features of our hanging pot racks is that they can tie together a country kitchen inspired design in a single piece. Take a look at our pot racks and shelves on our freestanding kitchen furniture pages.

Please note, hooks and chains are not supplied with our hanging pot racks.

hanging pot rack

Hanging Pot Rack with bottom beading


Glazed Solid Wood Dresser

Kitchen Dresser

Solid Wood Dresser with Glazed Doors

This glazed dresser is one of our more traditional designs. Built with solid pine throughout, this dresser has been completed in shaker style but as with all of our freestanding kitchen furniture is available in fluted bead style too.

This solid wood dresser has been completed with solid wood shelving to the top section and a single fixed shelf to the bottom cupboard. The top cupboard doors have been glazed with a single pane of glass – a perfect finishing touch for a country kitchen style dresser, but with a more modern twist than a traditional welsh dresser.

There are five drawers in total – two medium sized drawers over the bottom cupboard, and three smaller “spice” drawers to the top section. We advise adding soft close runners to the medium or large drawers on kitchen dressers, because they are solid wood and over time they will be well protected by these runners.

Traditional dressers are ideal for all kitchens or dining rooms. If you have a spacious dining room they are perfect for decorative storage. If you need additional storage in your kitchen, a wooden dresser is functional as well as a statement-making piece of freestanding kitchen furniture.

View full pricing details for this unit on our kitchen dressers page.

Farrow and Ball Competition


Tomorrow is the closing date of Farrow and Ball’s latest competition – so you better move quickly if you want a once in a lifetime opportunity to design your own paint colour!

Farrow and Ball are asking visitors to their website to provide a name and inspiration behind 50 litres of paint.

Imagine your chosen colour adorning the freestanding kitchen islands, larder units and kitchen dressers of John Willies. Imagine choosing an entire kitchen in your very own colour -from kitchen base units to hanging pot racks.

Choosing the right colour for your freestanding kitchen furniture isn’t always easy. When choosing colour for your John Willies country kitchen, you may decide to go for one colour throughout, or a darker tone for kitchen base units and a lighter hue for wall cupboards. This contrast can make the room feel bigger and looks great in fitted kitchens.

A larder cupboard or a kitchen dresser are perfect items for making a statement with. You can go for a bold brash colour Charlottes Locks to deliberately clash with the other colours in your home, or to brighten up the corner where your larder cupboard or welsh dresser will be placed. With our kitchen dressers, they’re traditional yet contemporary enough to suit a wide variety of country kitchen colours, and our larder cupboards are a great item to update your kitchen with when boldly coloured.

When choosing your kitchen base unit colours, make sure you take into account the colour of the worktop, whether it’s oak or beech for example, as this may affect whether you go for a lighter or darker hue. Kitchen base units come with plinths or legs, so it’s worth thinking about whether it’s likely the bottoms will be scuffed over time, and if so what colour will be best to tackle this.

A kitchen island is another opportunity to go for a bright colour if you’re putting it in a large open kitchen – but if the kitchen is on the smaller side consider having your freestanding kitchen island in the same colour.

View our freestanding kitchen furniture range in full.

New Style Butchers Block


Our butchers blocks and butchers block trolleys are incredibly useful freestanding units for your kitchen. The hard-wearing durable beech surface is ideal for preparing and chopping directly onto, as well as looking very slick. Our standard butchers block comes with slatted shelving for additional storage, and can have wheels added to the four square legs to turn it into a butchers block trolley.

But this design, pictured below, is a great butchers block alternative. The four sides of the butchers block have been closed off to create a cupboard containing one fixed shelf – ideal for concealed storage that you can truly maximise without worrying it may fall when moving the trolley around on it’s wheels. This butchers block still has a drawer too – add a cutlery insert for extra organisation!

butchers block

Butcher Block Trolley

This design gives the butchers block more of a kitchen base unit appearance. If you already have a freestanding kitchen containing a series of John Willies kitchen base units, or you have other solid wood base units, this piece will fit right in with the design.

Take a look at our butchers blocks and butchers block trolleys, and our kitchen base units, on our freestanding kitchen furniture pages.

Traditional Dresser Design


At John Willies, when it comes to our freestanding kitchen furniture, we’re happy to make nearly all of our items to any dimensions required (where it’s possible to!). We’re also happy to discuss amendments to the design of items if you have any particular ideas in mind. Some of the most commonly customised items are our solid wood pine dressers.

The advantage of choosing a kitchen dresser with John Willies is that we offer two key designs – some stay true to traditional dresser designs and others bring a more contemporary feel to your country kitchen. Whichever you prefer, below are some ideas for how to customise them to your home.

1. Our traditional dressers include our welsh dresser and our Madder dresser – two units with open canopy for display storage with cupboards and drawers below. Why not add some hooks to the underneath of the lowest shelf to hang cups from? This will bring a truly traditional feel to your dresser when dressing with crockery.

2. All of our units come with ebony knobs as standard – but alloy cups and handles, or even brass handles, will compliment an Antique dresser perfectly.

3. When choosing a paint colour for your kitchen dresser, choose a statement-making colour instead of one that matches the rest of your kitchen. Go for a bold yellow contemporary kitchen dresser, or if you’re brave opt for a deep green for a traditional dresser.

View our kitchen dressers and pick yours today.

Butchers Blocks or Kitchen Base Units


When choosing a butchers block for your kitchen, the first thing to do is know what function you wish it to serve. Our butchers block have two key differences – we have our standard unit with four square legs, designed to slot into a suitable space in the kitchen. The second option is our butchers block trolley, a unit with four wheels that is suitable for moving around the kitchen next to the Aga, sink, or where ever else it is required. The butchers block trolleys’ wheels come with a lock function that can be operated by foot – simply pressing down on the lock will keep the butchers block trolley in place.

Whichever option you choose, all butchers blocks come with drawer and slatted shelf storage, ideal for storing pots, pans and utensils.

Chop Block

A Butchers Block Trolley

What makes a butchers block sometimes more useful in a freestanding kitchen than another kitchen base unit is not just the mobility but the surface. The solid beech chop block worktop is as strong as a chopping board, and can be used in a similar way. Other wooden worktops would be damaged if you were to cut directly onto them.

If you want to find out more about our butchers blocks, visit the freestanding furniture pages of the website or get in touch with the team today. You can also see some more examples of Butchers Blocks we’ve made on Pinterest.

Kitchen Dresser Decoration


We recently stumbled across this exceptionally helpful blog post highlighting some key dressing techniques for a kitchen dresser. Our traditional wooden dressers are ideal for dressing in the same way.

The use of traditional, country kitchen style pieces like butter dishes will compliment an Antique dresser or one of our more classic welsh dressers. The key is to make sure you have ample shelf space to fill. If you choose a stained solid wood dresser, the mixture of heights and colours in crockery pieces will work perfectly against the natural wood.

Take a look at our Kitchen Dressers page for more inspiration.

New Kitchen Base Unit Added to the Sales Page


We have added a new item to our Sales page – a large kitchen base unit.

Kitchen base unit

Our Ex-display Kitchen Base Unit

This four square-legged kitchen base unit measures 1800mmW x 700mmD x 900mmH overall of worktop. It has been built with solid wood throughout and contains two large double door cupboards accessible from both sides – ideal for storing large items in the kitchen and for use as a kitchen island. There is a single centred drawer above the cupboard, and a dummy drawer panel on the other side.

The base unit has been finished with ebony knobs and a solid beech Derablok worktop to compliment the bleach stain.

All of our kitchen base units are suitable for use as a kitchen island too – we suggest you always check there is ample space in the centre of the kitchen to walk around the kitchen island first.

Take a look at this base unit on our Sale’s Page.

Jazz Up Your Kitchen Dressers and Larder Drawers


We paint all of our freestanding kitchen units by hand using only Dorset (and the world’s) finest – Farrow and Ball. On their Youtube channel they show us how you can use a simple piece of Farrow and Ball wallpaper cut off to decorate the inside of a drawer – a perfect finishing touch for a kitchen dresser or larder cupboard.


Unfinished Pine Furniture – DIY?


When choosing an item of unfinished pine furniture, it’s important to remember just that – that your freestanding furniture will be unfinished. This means that while it’s construction has been completed, it’s final finish has not.

Decorating a piece of unfinished pine furniture can be tricky, so make sure you know what products you’re going to use on your furniture before you buy – it truly is a DIY job!

However there are many benefits to decorating-it-yourself. Unfinished units allow you to be as creative as you like. Take one of our pine dressers for example – a pine dresser looks beautiful when stained to keep it’s traditional solid wood dresser appearance, or painted for a contemporary feel. The benefit of buying unfinished pine furniture means you can choose and make sure it matches the rest of your pine furniture.

All of our freestanding kitchen units are available unfinished and can be viewed on our website.

Larder Units “Back in from the Cold”


Larder units are the new home essential – as recommended by The Guardian website’s Word of Mouth blog. Read the full story here:

Hailed as a tool for “recessionary times”, the spirit of the larder cupboard is “alive and kicking.”

View our larder cupboards here.


Kitchen Dresser Design


Traditional wooden dressers look perfect in any home striving for a country kitchen or classic English style. Our kitchen dressers are designed to provide both function and statement-making style to any room, or to fit in with the rest of your country kitchen furniture.

To get the style in a single piece, you can’t beat a Welsh dresser. The decorative open canopy frames whatever you adorn the shelves with, whether it’s cookery books, fine china or your favourite crockery.

Welsh Dresser

Welsh Dresser

A contemporary kitchen dresser like the Madder unit has lots of useful drawers and cupboards, like our glazed dresser – all built with solid pine.

Dressers can be finished either hand painted or stained and lacquered. A dark stain will give an Antique dresser effect, while a light stain will look more modern and gradually darken over the years.

Get more information on our Kitchen dresser designs by talking to the team.